Six reasons to choose Leadsales


In this article, we will tell you about six reasons to choose Leadsales, the best CRM in the market.

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a tool designed to help sales and marketing teams manage their interactions with customers and prospects. It is a system that, as its main features, has the ability to:

  1. Offer and sell products at the right time, in the right way, and at the best price.
  2. Help service teams quickly resolve inquiries and issues.
  3. Aid in creating better products and services through direct user experience.

Before diving into the six reasons to choose Leadsales, let’s explore in detail what a CRM is.

What does a CRM exactly do?

As a tool, a CRM essentially stores information about all your current and potential customers. This includes data such as their names, addresses, phone numbers, activities, and points of contact with the company, such as phone calls, emails, and other interactions.

However, it is not just a comprehensive contact list. It also integrates all the collected data to prepare and update your team with information that can help accelerate sales, such as the history and preferences of each customer. This way, you can know exactly what to offer and when to offer it. At Leadsales, we do this all the time! You can find detailed explanations in our video Leadsales – CRM for WhatsApp Business. Basically, its attributes are:

  1. Tracks and manages customer information.
  2. Connect your entire team in one space.
  3. Simplifies tasks for more effective lead management.
  4. Provides recommendations and instant messages.
  5. Expands and customizes as your company grows.
  6. Intelligently captures customer emails.

How can I increase my sales with a CRM?

Let’s focus on two departments: sales and marketing.

Regarding the marketing department, you can use a CRM to:

  1. Manage blogs.
  2. Set up campaigns for specific audiences, capture data from potential customers, and follow up with them.
  3. Manage your social media and identify potential opportunities. Many sales are currently made through social media. Remember that the success of an advertising campaign largely depends on knowing who your customers are and what motivates them. A CRM can greatly help with this by capturing relevant data to focus these campaigns. You may not know what to share on social media, but don’t worry! With practice, you can refine your strategy.

Regarding the sales department, a CRM can undoubtedly help you sell more by:

  1. Collecting information about potential customers.
  2. Storing this information in a database.
  3. Allowing the sales team to send personalized automated emails to each type of customer based on this database.
  4. These emails aim to maintain contact with the user and guide them through the stages of the buyer journey, from the initial click to the final purchase decision.
  5. But what’s the difference if I do this manually? It’s simple: a CRM allows you to AUTOMATE communications, making it practically impossible to miss a sales opportunity without the need for additional time or resources.

First, User-Friendly Platform

 One of the best attributes of Leadsales and one of the main reasons to choose it is its highly user-friendly platform. When you express interest in acquiring our service, one of our team members will contact you and provide a detailed tour of how to use Leadsales.

Second, Unlimited Contacts

 All the leads you receive from promoting your product or service are completely yours at no extra cost. Moreover, with our client assignment feature, you can ensure a centralized platform where the agility and traceability of your sales will be no problem at all!


Third, multiple sales funnels 

Our sales funnels are multiple and, best of all, customizable! You can create various funnels depending on the needs of your business and your users. This tool is incredibly valuable for always determining the status of your leads. Additionally, you can include comments between the administrator and sales agents within a lead’s conversation. These comments are only visible internally to your team.


Fourth, instant integration

We wanted to focus on finding an improvement opportunity in the market compared to the existing software at that time. The ease with which you can register on leadsales is simply incredible.

In our case, integration is instant, unlike other platforms like Sirena.

To get started with us, all you need to do is register on our platform to use our DEMO and convince yourself that it is your best option.

Fifth, data analytics

Remember, what is not measured cannot be optimized! In the case of leadsales, we offer you a highly efficient platform where you can view data analytics that allow you to provide better customer service. This way, you can determine what is best for each user, when to offer it, and why. It’s great!

Some of the benefits, in addition to the mentioned one, are:

  • View and analyze your monthly reports to determine which day your business is most active. This way, you can focus your team’s energy. This is not uncommon in businesses. Think, for example, of the restaurant Fridays. The busiest days for them are, of course, Fridays. Therefore, this restaurant focuses on offering its best promotions on that day to make the most of the customer flow. 
  • Determining future marketing strategies. 

Sixth, affordable cost 

Many CRM systems on the market have really prohibitive prices, especially for those startups that are just starting out. This is not the case with Leadsales! We offer you quite affordable costs while maintaining the highest quality you need to be successful.

Our costs include:

  • 7-day trial for $7
  • Base plan $83.99 USD/month, which includes 3 users, with everything included. Additionally, if you want to add an extra user, the cost is $10 USD/month.
  • Enterprise plan This is a customized plan based on the specific needs of your business. In this plan, we listen to you to know exactly what you need and offer you a fair price.


Here are some tips on how you can use Leadsales to accelerate your business sales!

  • Lead prospecting: This means you can determine the profile of each customer based on their conversations. 
  • Sales management: With our user-friendly and agile platform, this will be the least of your problems! 
  • Product and service promotion: With our platform, take advantage of the conversation you have generated with the customer to offer them similar products to what they are looking for and build loyalty. 
  • Market and competition analysis. 
  • Risk assessment in the purchasing process and determining which strategy is the most successful. 
  • Generating customer retention strategies. 

So, what are you waiting for to use Leadsales?

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