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We give you the clarity that you as a manager or owner need. Measure the effort of your sales force, find which messages work, which do not and improve the conversion of your leads.

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What is Leadsales?

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Convert your leads into sales

We know that each lead requires your personalized attention and monitoring. With Leadsales you can organize, communicate and analyze all your leads.

Sales Funnel

Define the sales steps that adapt to your company. Assign status to your leads, identify and develop the correct strategies to improve your processes.

Total management

Customize the way leads are assigned and monitor your sales team conversations to improve closings.


Key information about your leads and your team that will allow you to make better decisions for your business.


Register events and reminders for yourself, your clients or even your entire team, guaranteeing follow-up.

Why Leadsales?

Sell without excuses

Because we know that on a Saturday afternoon your salespeople do not know who kept the cell phone to answer the leads. Forget about this, with Leadsales the entire sales force will have 24/7 access and you will be able to monitor your sellers. Don't waste any more time and schedule a demo.

Complete communication

It has happened to us that we have so many messages and we forgot to follow up with who asked us for a quote and had every intention of buying. Do not make the mistake of many, keep control of the follow-up clearly and simply for you and the sales force. Schedule your demo.

I want more

You are looking to grow your business, the first thing you have to do is increase the “deal flow” you have of leads. And for this, having a tool that helps you communicate, monitor and control communication is important. Use Leadsales for this and more. Schedule your demo.

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Agenda un tour de nuestro producto de la mano de nuestros expertos. Estamos para resolver la comunicación con tus leads y dejar de tener pretextos de tu fuerza de ventas.

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