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CRM for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

Centralize your chats into columns, automatically assign them to your sales and customer support teams 🚀

Discover the benefits that Leadsales offers you


Unlimited Message Sending

Send personalized messages to all your customers without limits.

No user limits

Hire as many users as you need and have your team all in one place.

Message Scheduling

Schedule messages like personalized reminders to your customers.

Custom Funnels

Organize your chats into all the custom funnels you need.

Centralize your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram messages in one place 💻

We had the same issue in our company! Many businesses struggle to handle multiple customers on WhatsApp. That’s why we created a WhatsApp CRM that ensures proper follow-up and prevents missed sales opportunities.

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A subscription, unlimited access, and no forced contract!

+1,500 companies use our WhatsApp CRM


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