How to use tags in WhatsApp Business?


In this installment, we will explain how to use labels in WhatsApp Business. Why? Because not using WhatsApp for your business means missing out on a vast audience. It means throwing away a super valuable communication channel. If you’re already using WhatsApp Business, you’ve made an excellent decision! Now it’s time to take advantage of this tool.

WhatsApp Business incorporates some basic functions that are useful for more efficient conversation management. It offers a certain degree of message automation, a more extensive business profile than a personal profile, the creation of a catalog, and, of course, labels for your conversations.

Labels are designed to help you organize your conversations or messages so that you can easily identify them. With a variety of colors and titles, you can create categories and assign them to conversations, groups, or messages.

The use of labels differs slightly depending on the operating system you use.

If you use iOS

To create a label, go to «Chats,» swipe down, click on «Labels,» and then «Add a New Label.» Enter the desired title and click «Save.» The limit is 20 labels.

To apply a label to a conversation or group, swipe left on the chat, select «More,» and then «Label Chat.» If you want to apply it to a message, long-press the message, click «More,» and then «Label.»

To manage labels, go to the «Chats» tab, swipe down from the top, and click on «Labels.» Simply select any label and press «Edit» to modify it. You can change the color, title, or even delete them.

You can assign multiple labels to the same item.

If you use Android

To create a label, long-press the message or conversation you want, click on «Labels,» and add a new label or select an existing one. The limit is 20 labels.

You can find tagged content by going to Chats >> More Options >> Labels. You will need to tap on the desired label. You can also access it from the profile picture in a conversation or the group icon.

To manage labels, go to «More Options» in the Chats tab and click on «Labels.» By tapping on a label and selecting «More Options,» you can modify its title, color, or delete it.

You can perform these actions on labeled items by clicking and holding them.

You can assign multiple labels to the same item.

Additionally, you can create a broadcast list based on a label. To do this, go to «More Options» from the Chats window, click on «Labels,» select the label, and then click on «More Options» and «Send Messages to Customers.» You will see a green button in the bottom right corner where you can write the message you want to send. This way, all people under the selected label will receive the message.

While WhatsApp Business is useful for micro-businesses and small companies, the situation becomes more challenging when it comes to scaling reach. Using labels in WhatsApp Business becomes insufficient. If your company continues to grow, it’s necessary to turn to other tools that suit your needs.

Good communication with customers and suppliers is crucial for the proper functioning of your company. This holds true whether you sell baking ingredients or security sensors. Good service and prompt responses are differentiating factors in the market. A CRM (customer relationship management) software is precisely what you’re looking for.

Say goodbye to chat chaos and get ready to regain control of your communication line in the palm of your hand. Contact us, we’d be happy to assist you. We’ve been there too, so we know what we’re talking about.

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