How to make a chatbot for WhatsApp Business?


With the frequent use of social media and instant messaging applications, it has become common for companies to offer customer support through these channels. As a result, phone calls have been increasingly replaced by messages. In this regard, one application that holds great potential is WhatsApp. Its nearly ubiquitous presence makes it an accessible channel to stay in touch with all your customers and prospects.

Of course, every change in communication dynamics comes with its own challenges. In this case, the question is how to provide support through WhatsApp. How do you initiate a conversation? Who will handle it? What resources should you allocate? Chatbots have emerged as an alternative to partially address instant messaging communications.

What is a WhatsApp chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot is a computer program designed to fulfill a specific objective through interactions with the user, simulating a conversation with another person. They are convenient for answering simple questions or guiding a straightforward procedure. They have been suggested as a sales consultant, as automation of responses can save time. Additionally, with chatbots, you can provide 24/7 customer support regardless of time zone differences. Multiple clients can receive direct attention simultaneously.

How does it work?

When a user makes a query, they provide the chatbot with information that it will analyze to identify patterns or keywords. Based on this analysis, the chatbot can filter the situation and provide an appropriate response. Chatbots typically use direct and simple language as they resolve situations without much complexity. When artificial intelligence is integrated, chatbots can be «trained» to have a more «human» communication style.

What do you need to create a chatbot?

To create a chatbot for WhatsApp, you need to use the WhatsApp Business API, as it is the tool that allows you to integrate chatbots. Currently, the focus of the WhatsApp Business API is on medium and large businesses. You need to check the requirements for application on their website, and once processed, verification can take two to three weeks. Keep in mind that you will need a new phone number that has not been registered on WhatsApp before, and you need to host it in a database.

Step-by-step guide to creating a WhatsApp Business chatbot

To make sure the chatbot is a tool that saves you from various issues, you need to have a clear strategy for its use. One option is to create a custom chatbot based on the specific needs you want to address.

Creating a chatbot from scratch involves having programming knowledge or hiring someone with programming skills.

Another option is to use a chatbot platform or application. If you choose this alternative, you only need to review the default templates, customize them if possible, and «train» the bot for conversations with your customers.

Once you have downloaded your preferred application, you need to configure the permissions in your WhatsApp API to grant access. Then, you can add the necessary bots. Next, you need to configure the conversation details from the menu. In this step, you establish the response time, keywords for the bot to detect, precision level, response messages, and more. Remember that the conversation should feel as natural and pleasant as possible since it takes place in a one-on-one space with your customers and prospects. We recommend incorporating a greeting, asking open-ended questions, providing confirmation, and having a farewell message.

Advantages and disadvantages

While chatbots are not complex to use and can save you time and money, it’s important to understand that they are part of a strategy. In other words, chatbots are a tool that, like many others, has its limitations. Just to use them with WhatsApp, your business needs to be of a certain size. Therefore, even though they can be useful (when properly implemented), they cannot replace sales advisors.

It’s challenging to anticipate the doubts people may have when they visit your website or identify their needs. What if your customer requires a more detailed explanation? What if the person contacting your business doesn’t speak the same language?

As mentioned before, while you can train the bot to improve the conversation, there are still aspects of customer support that cannot be matched.

WhatsApp Chatbot: Leadsales

Fortunately, there are solutions that handle customer relationship management. LeadSales is one such platform. We facilitate communication not only with prospects but also within your team.

Our tool allows you to organize contacts, conversations, and calendar events. You can review chats and identify at which stage of the sales process they are (sales funnel). With these functionalities, your team works more efficiently, saving time and providing personalized attention, which is crucial in today’s business environment. You can even consult the analytics dashboard to evaluate sales evolution.

By having a control dashboard, sales advisors can set reminders, receive notifications, and have transparent interactions with the people who contact them. These improvements result in timely support, reduced waiting times, and lower expenses. Nowadays, communication goes beyond text and incorporates emojis and stickers, which add a touch of liveliness to conversations. Ultimately, sales advisors are the ones who best know their services; they can understand people, make suggestions, and improve details. After all, the warmth of a human interaction cannot be matched.

CRM for sales

Leadsales is a CRM integrated with WhatsApp, making it easy to manage. The platform allows you to keep your number and share the same line among multiple advisors using their computers. Additionally, your phone number remains yours, and the integration process takes only a few hours. It doesn’t matter if your business is small; Leadsales can adapt to your workflow. Check out our plans or contact one of our advisors to learn more details.

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