How to know if your business can use Whatsapp Business API


The most widely used messaging platform worldwide once again captivates us with one of the wonders it offers to the world of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Since its integration with Facebook, the basic and business functions of WhatsApp have grown enormously, and a clear example of this is the WhatsApp Business API, a tool that should be on your bucket list. Grab your popcorn and join us in discovering how to know if your company can use the WhatsApp Business API.

How to know if your company can use the WhatsApp Business API? 

WhatsApp and its multiverse 

We already know that WhatsApp has expanded its services to reach potential leads and become a practical tool for anyone it encounters. WhatsApp Business is the business version of WhatsApp. From the name itself, we can tell that it has many differences from the conventional service of this program.

Its main objective is to provide professional attention from a business profile to leads or customers. This comes with the possibility of creating direct links, automated messages, and catalog creation, allowing you to position yourself as a reliable and formal company in the eyes of your consumers.

Topics such as number verification, marketing strategies, and tags are the most important ones that could serve to boost your business, all in detail for WhatsApp Business.

Furthermore, as we discussed in «What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?» the main difference lies in the authentication method upon entry and the fact that once the name is established, changing it is almost impossible. Be careful!

WhatsApp Business API? 

Well, WhatsApp Business is not just what you have probably read and heard in many places. On its own, it is quite useful for customer support, particularly for SMEs. But what about larger companies? What happens when my volume of leads and support increases exponentially? The solution lies in the WhatsApp Business API.

API (Application Programming Interface) is integrated into WhatsApp Business. Unlike the traditional service and the business service originally offered by WhatsApp, this is not a program per se but, as the name suggests, a programming language interface that allows you to connect with your leads on a larger scale.

In other words, if at any given time an SME finds itself in the need to provide customer support at a larger scale than they were accustomed to handling, the API steps in and enhances the customer experience in terms of social media support.

Benefits of WABA 

Okay, Gen Z, let’s add a new term to your vocabulary. The WhatsApp Business API service is known as WABA (not because we want to, but because the program itself names it that way). WABA offers multiple benefits to your company, among which the following stand out:

Integration with CRM

For sure! Customer centralization through CRM means that the relationship becomes many-to-many. This means that many people can attend to various customers at the same time. Even agents can send messages directly from their desktop or the tool they usually work with, without diverting the final destination: the customer’s mobile phone.

Chatbots in WhatsApp Business API

Here we delve into the topic of message automation. Although this service is already part of WhatsApp Business, the added value you get with the API is the availability of chatbots (yes, those that provide automatic messages and responses tailored to what we need).

They serve to provide general information such as business hours, contact methods, or service status. Some even link them to databases that provide more information to the user about their purchases, their status with the company, etc. It’s adorable when used correctly!


Similar to the broadcast list function (where you sent the same information to multiple contacts at once), but now with a much broader reach. This goes hand in hand with the fact that all users have their notifications active, and nowadays, it is very rare to see someone not checking messages from a company on WhatsApp (and they’re usually the first to check messages from their ex, huh).

How can I obtain WABA? 

Let’s review the lessons from previous classes. We know that to enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp Business and WABA, it is essential to follow the steps and join through legal means (unofficial integrations have strict measures from WhatsApp, remember that).

In this case, we will focus more on how to know if your company can use WhatsApp Business API, without detours or distractions. Take notes and sit down, baby, because here you go straight into starting this process.

You need WhatsApp Business

This is the most important thing of all. If you need more information on how to join this WhatsApp Business API service and want to fully immerse yourself, we recommend you check «How to request access to WhatsApp Business API.» That way, you’ll get the info straight from the official page.

Facebook Business Manager account

It is a tool that primarily allows you to create message templates and send notifications on a large scale to customers. If you need more information on how to create this type of account, check here.

Line of credit

This is mainly a payment requirement. With a line of credit, you ensure a payment method. It is possible to configure multiple lines of credit to WhatsApp Business through each Business Manager account, although each legal entity can only request one.

Now you know, if you need more information about this, check here.

These requirements are known as assets, and as you can see, they are not out-of-this-world requirements to access the WABA service.

Just like with WhatsApp Business, the API also has pricing rules and costs per message, which you can consult whenever you want.

Undoubtedly, WABA is a tool for when you find yourself facing the growth of your company. Congratulations! Whether you are in this moment or are about to achieve it. Consistency leads to success, and these small investments are part of the growth and phases of an entrepreneur.

Definitely, here, as always, you come out sharp regarding how to know if your company can use WhatsApp Business API, and always remember, everything within the correct scope of use. We know we are the oracle in this world of entrepreneurship, so listen to us and boost your SME to the maximum. You are even more powerful than Popeye with his spinach, thanks to us!

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