How to have WhatsApp Business on multiple devices?


Entrepreneurs, we welcome you! If you already have WhatsApp Business, it’s very likely that you’ve wondered at some point: can I open this app on multiple devices? The answer is YES, and we’ll explain how.

It makes a lot of sense to question this, especially if your business is growing and you want multiple agents to handle the messages that come to your company’s WhatsApp account.

To resolve this, we can almost bet that you’ve already googled whether it’s possible to open the same WhatsApp Business account on your phone, computer, your colleagues’ laptops, and any other devices you want to have access to customer conversations.

Fortunately, you can have the same account open on multiple devices simultaneously. However, you’ll need to determine how many devices you need for effective customer-company communication.

You’ll only need 2 devices

 You can keep the session open on a smartphone and another device, such as a computer or another cellphone.

Regardless of your choice, you’ll need to follow these steps to access WhatsApp Web, just like you do to open your personal WhatsApp on a web browser.

If you’re already an expert at answering your messages from your laptop or desktop computer, you’ll agree with us that this option is often more convenient, either due to the screen size or accessibility to the documents you need.

Now, if for some reason you choose to use a cellphone as your second device, we have to inform you that it can be a functional but rather uncomfortable alternative.

The reason? If you access your account through WhatsApp Web on your cellphone, you’ll notice that the application looks the same as it does on a computer. In other words, with a smaller screen, you’ll have to zoom in or out to read and reply to messages.

Therefore, we recommend this option only if you find yourself in a «desperate times call for desperate measures» situation.

Accessing your account from your cellphone and through WhatsApp Web can be very practical when you’re just starting out and both your team and client base are small. Moreover, this option is free.

However, once your sales start to grow – fingers crossed that they do – and more people contact you, having two devices may not be sufficient for your company.

I need WhatsApp Business on multiple devices (+2)

If you frequently use multiple devices to access your account, hold on! You may not be able to verify it again.

Obviously, we don’t want this to happen. We certainly wouldn’t want one of our main contact channels to be at risk, right?

But let’s not panic just yet because there’s a way to use WhatsApp Business on more than two devices, thanks to the WhatsApp API.

While it’s true that you can request direct access to the API, connecting with a CRM like Leadsales will save you a lot of time trying to access it on your own.

Remember when we talked about how inconvenient it is to open WhatsApp Web on your phone? With Leadsales, you won’t have this problem because you’ll have the same convenience of using the application on your laptop. Additionally, you’ll be able to open the account not only on one but on all the computers you need.

You’ll also be able to assign clients to each advisor, create sales funnels, visualize your metrics, and more! Click here to discover the features you’ll fall in love with.

The urban legend:

Since last year, information has been circulating on the internet about one of the supposed upgrades of WhatsApp: it would be possible to access a single account from 4 different devices.

Perhaps we exaggerate a bit by calling this information an «urban legend,» but the truth is that this feature has not been officially confirmed yet, and currently, it is also not possible to open the same account from more than two devices without using the API.

That’s why we recommend seeking help from experts who can assist you in accessing your WhatsApp Business account from multiple devices. This will improve your relationship with your customers and have a positive impact on your sales.

And most importantly, without compromising one of the main communication channels for your business. If we have convinced you, reach out to us. At Leadsales, we can provide a solution on how to have WhatsApp Business on multiple devices.

Thank you for reading! Leave your questions in the comments section; we will be happy to hear from you.

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