How to Connect HubSpot with WhatsApp?


HubSpot has established itself as the market leader in marketing services. Thanks to their innovative edge, they’ve bagged tens of thousands of customers worldwide. As the market evolved towards instant communication, connecting HubSpot with WhatsApp became a must-have to facilitate client communication.

HubSpot’s toolbox includes Marketing Hub (a bundle of inbound marketing features), Sales Hub (sales process enhancement), Service Hub (client support), and, of course, HubSpot CRM. They’re on our list of top CRMs for SMEs, check it out here:

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On the other side, with the widespread use of instant messaging, businesses are figuring out ways to leverage this communication channel, both internally and externally. Users and clients have shown they’re comfy using apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and so on to reach out for products or services. Among all the options, WhatsApp takes the crown as the most used app worldwide, and with a message open rate of 90%, it’s a golden opportunity.

Seeing these industry giants make waves in the tech world, the question pops up – wouldn’t it be awesome if you could work with HubSpot and WhatsApp seamlessly? Imagine the neatness and, more importantly, the time you’d save if you could sync your HubSpot database with your WhatsApp chat list.

There’s a way to link WhatsApp with HubSpot, and it’s called WhatHub, developed by Leadsruptive. We’ve got a demo video for you to see how it works:

This integration sits “on top” of the WhatsApp interface, so you can chat with your HubSpot contacts without leaving WhatsApp Web. It’s worth mentioning that to connect both platforms, you need to be a user of WhatsApp (personal or business) and HubSpot. From Leadsruptive’s page, you’ll need to request the integration.

The perks of this sync include regular conversation updates, viewing them in a log format; seeing all the contact info stored in HubSpot from WhatsApp, along with any extra info you’ve added; performing some HubSpot actions from WhatsApp, like creating contacts, assigning advisors, setting tasks, managing tickets, and so on (this bit depends on which HubSpot package you’ve got); and sending WhatsApp messages from HubSpot, so it’s a two-way street. In this sense, it’s possible to have one-on-one conversations with clients in a more organized way, but each sales agent or advisor still needs their own WhatsApp line.

Don’t forget the costs. As we’ve mentioned, the integration and HubSpot’s CRM service are separate, so you’ll need to budget for both. WhatHub’s fees range from $12/month to $48/month. On the other hand, HubSpot’s costs are $50, $500, and $1,200/month. In any case, there’s a message sending limit, the highest being 2,000 messages a month.

It’s key to consider that HubSpot’s tools are super diverse, so handling their packages and really making the most of them can be a bit tricky. Plus, WhatsApp has been pretty keen on sticking to its service policies, taking a stand against spam. HubSpot’s features let you send bulk messages, as it treats WhatsApp like it’s email. So, it’s wise to be careful with the resources at hand; otherwise, you might get your WhatsApp number suspended. Considering how vital this app is, we reckon everyone prefers to be on good terms.

If you’re on the hunt to improve client contact and reel in leads effortlessly, Leadsales’ services might be more up your alley. We’re a CRM that’s plugged into WhatsApp, making the use of both platforms utterly seamless. You can use the same WhatsApp line for different users, which massively simplifies communication by bringing it all under one roof. You can import all your data (and it’s still yours). With the aim to offer a comprehensive service, we include a sales funnel and analytics dashboard so you can measure your team’s performance.

The cost for the basic package is $83.99/month (geared for small businesses), but don’t hesitate to contact us to grab a custom plan. Making use of our service is super simple and quick. You can have a personalized relationship with your clients and tailor your tools to your company’s needs, not the other way around.

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