Leadsales, what is it?


What does Leadsales offer that other CRM’s don’t? This is not another sales pitch to convince you. We want you to get to know us and feel confident in making the right decision for you, your team, and your business.

You won’t disagree with us when we say that the pandemic brought us many incredible lessons on how to grow our business, such as how C-commerce can be our best ally in increasing sales.

Furthermore, social media is the best tool for promoting a company’s image, and remote work can be a great option to save costs while achieving greater efficiency. We also know that there are tools that make the process of running our business much easier.

The tool I just mentioned has been the solution to the bottleneck within internal teams of companies, as it has helped improve organization, visualization, and management.

For these reasons, we understand that in the world of entrepreneurship and business, we must constantly seek the best tools for our team. The ultimate goal is to deliver the best product/service to our target market.

So, let us show you why we are different and the OPTION for your business.

What is Leadsales?

We’ll let our CEO Roby explain it:

«Leadsales is an organizational Customer Relationship Management [CRM] tool for WhatsApp. It is customizable and focused on providing excellent tracking of current and potential customers, sales, and support.»

You can watch a summary of what Leadsales offers that other CRM’s don’t in the following video:

1. Funnels

We prioritize what has helped improve organizational management within the company while customizing it according to each team member without losing sight of the objectives.

As a leader, you can see how each member of your team is progressing in their sales process and also how each lead is responding to your product.

Uses of the funnel:

  • Step-by-step tracking of your sales
  • You can classify each funnel by product, area, category, etc. (depending on your process)
  • Visualize how many prospects have converted into customers or at which stage they are in your process
  • Planning strategies for your team
  • Systematize each created funnel


2. Mass Actions

Mass actions will simplify many processes for you, saving you time through searches by filters, tags, dates, status; changes in assignments, funnels, stages; and archiving leads.

With mass actions, you can easily:

  • Unassign leads
  • Change funnels
  • Assign tags
  • Export leads
  • Archive contacts
  • Unarchive contacts
  • Delete leads

3. Customer Support & Personalized Training

We consider this point to be in our top 3 because we like to stay in touch with every customer, whether it’s resolving doubts, listening to their opinions, or receiving suggestions. Despite having articles focused on each section of the platform and videos showing how it works, we prefer to be present from the beginning.

Whether you’re just considering Leadsales as an option, we offer demos and initial training for you and your entire team, tailored specifically to you. We also like to take care of our customers, so if they have any questions, they can write to us with confidence, as one of our operators will be there until their situation is resolved or understood.

What else does Leadsales offer?

If the above sounds incredible, we still have other features that can help you make the decision that suits your business. Let me tell you:

  • Prices: We like to keep the same prices to avoid impacting your costs. The only change would be if you decide to increase the number of users on your team. However, even if you have a high volume of messages and more contacts, you will never have to pay more with us.
  • WhatsApp: You don’t need templates to start conversations, and you don’t need a verified account to access the platform.
  • Conversations: There are no limits to the number of conversations, and they don’t expire or close after twenty-four hours of inactivity.
  • Your number: If you decide to leave our service at any time, we will return your number.
  • [Leadsales CRM]


Our goal is to help grow your sales!

With this article, we aim to provide you with more information when searching for a CRM for your business, and we want you to feel confident in knowing which tool is best suited for you and your team, as they will be the ones using it 100% to increase sales.

Remember, the sales process in your business is a priority in order to stand out in the market. Therefore, you should analyze all your options thoroughly to find the one that meets YOUR NEEDS. Try each option for the 7-day trial, ask any questions you have, observe their response to you until you are confident about what is BEST FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

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